Michele Bachman’s famous spine of titanium buckled a bit today as her former chief of staff, Ron Carey, wrote that the Tea Party darling “is not prepared to assume the White House in 2013.”

For most Americans, this was the biggest understatement since Bush admitted that his reading of “My Pet Goat” didn’t go over well with the class.  Carey’s criticisms focused on Bachmann’s apparent lack of managerial skills, rather than the abundant lunacy of her positions and flights of historical fantasy.   See Bachmann on "Coming Tax Holocaust".   In particular, he deplored her secretarial skills, which resulted in a poorly run campaign office, not to mention unopened mail. 

Given his connection with the almost invisible Tim Pawlenty (whom he endorsed), the opinion piece came off more as buyer’s remorse than a thoughtful assessment.  It has become increasingly apparent to the Republican establishment that they created a monster with the Tea Party, and that Bachmann is unelectable, if not uneducable.   Indeed, the unspeakably disingenuous Karl Rove seems to have deviated into something like actual concern for the country if Bachmann gets elected, though it’s probably more his fear that a Bachmann nomination will result in the GOP crashing in flames like the final scene of Koyaanisqatsi.   He has made it his mission to stop her, though few seem to be listening.  The Golem of the Tea Party is out.

Significantly, this is the second staffer to turn on Bachmann (see Bachmann's Migrainegate).  The Harpy-in-Chief of the Tea Party apparently is not well liked by her underlings.

The LNM predicts that Bachmann will in fact win the GOP nomination since the Rightwing Noise Machine (created with the help of Rove) can do nothing else but become more and more extreme, and grind up any Republican that even makes a centrist peep.   Bachmann, with her spine of platinum and her mind of lead, has the lumpenmentality to act on this like no other Republican candidate, since her competition retain at least some contact with reality, however tenuous.   Bachmann is playing directly to the machine, facts be damned.

The wonderful thing is Turd Blossom is right about this one: Bachmann will take the GOP down in flames.  And like a warp engine on self-destruct, there’s nothing in the GOP universe that can stop it.  Pawlenty indeed.  As if he can make speeches on the Coming Tax Holocaust!



Ms Peel
08/05/2011 14:40

The GOP's future is like Metropolis indeed

Winston Smith
08/05/2011 14:41

I think it's very telling that staffer's keep turning no her. She inspires no loyalty. What she lacks in character she makes up for in stupidity, I guess

Oz Anders
08/05/2011 14:43

Looks like Pawlenty likes to play dirty pool. When you're that lackluster you don't really have too many options. He was behind the migraine disclosure too, apparently.

Bachmann's going to retaliate by saying something mean and inaccurate.

08/05/2011 14:44

I disagree with Carey. I think Bachmann would make a fine secretary.

Jess O'Hara
08/05/2011 15:31

"Migrainegate" -- that's a good one.


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