Mickey Mouse Tea Party Keeps Order
Apparently taking his cue from the snazzily dressed and soon-to- be-former-autocrat Muammar Gadhafi, Jeff Cox, Indiana’s deputy attorney general and apparent Tea Party general, let it be known (via the wonder of Twittter)  that his heartfelt wish was to send in riot police using live ammunition against union protests sweeping across the Midwest/Libya as the Tea Party declares war on the middle class.   Well, what conservative wouldn’t?

Despite his honesty and penchant for shooting people, Cox was fired, (but reportedly not before firing a machine gun in the air and announcing he would never leave Indiana, and that the public employee unions are being manipulated by Bin Laden, who put hallucinogenic drugs in their instant coffee, which they shouldn’t be getting for free in any case).  Like all conservatives caught saying something utterly and completely bizarre, he turned into a German theologian and claimed he didn’t literally mean that the riot police should use literal live ammunition.  It was a figurative use of the term “live ammunition”, meaning something more subtle, apparently, like spiritual ammunition.

LNM predicts Cox is now in the running for nomination by the Tea P arty to campaign for some high office or other.   We’ll be seeing more of his conservative quantum weirdness.



02/25/2011 10:15am

Mickey Mouse -- the perfect symbol of the Teaparty

02/28/2011 10:16am

Hey, that does look like Mickey Mouse with heavy arms. What gives?


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